Vision Mission Objectives



To provide a fertile ground for young minds to strengthen the foundation of their future life by giving them knowledge, physical skills and art of living.




To facilitate the development of balanced human beings who have the wisdom to create a life of passion, purpose and peace.

To achieve this Mission the Institute provides excellent sports infrastructure to experience a healthy atmosphere to impart practical training and theoretical  knowledge effectively.




To achieve this Mission the Institute provides :

  • To enable students to understand the nature, purpose and philosophy of sports and Physical fitness.

  • To develop competencies necessary for Physical training and coaching.

  • To develop knowledge, skills and competencies necessary for imparting Physical training and coaching.

  • To enrich knowledge of personal and community health.

  • To promote the capacity to organize games, sports and recreational activities.

  • To foster interest in sports activity and appreciate its role in society.

  • To develop an understanding and appreciation of indigenous approach to exercise, games and sports.